Night Changes Chapter 1. Does it very drive you crazy But the last chorus can also refer to the couple, one that has not lasted as long as the mother-daughter relationship, but is as strong. I personally believe this song is about a girl having sex to relieve the pain of her tough life, but only to regret that later. so he wants to make this dinner as the best one for her. 3. Night Changes is a song recorded by English-Irish boy-band One Direction. Everything she’s never had, she’s showing off.’ Her mother doesn't like that kind of dress Everything she never had she's showing off" Edit: The chorus is really important, so I’m going to do ONE more analysis of the chorus. The girl can have the time of her life at night, have everything she’s ever wanted, and be everything she’s always wanted to be, but the moment that sun comes up, when she wakes up in the morning, her whole life could change, sometimes to even more pain and regrets. To move on and forward. Many night workers are diagnosed with Shift Work Disorder, a diagnosis given to anyone who cannot cope with the changes in their circadian rhythm. It will never change me or you.’ The "Everything she never had, she's showing off" part tells me that as she's reaching her adult years she's getting the freedoms, decisions and other things that she never had before, she's showing that she can do things by herself. Everything she never had, she’s showing off. Liam's verse talks about how she wants to break free and live her own life to the fullest ("driving too fast", "having no regrets is all that she really wants"). the line "Reminds her of the missing piece of innocence she lost" really gets me everytime cos he doesnt want to break her heart like her previous ex. Girl wakes up next morning with more regrets and pain Having no regrets is all that she really wants" But when she wakes up in morning after their fling, she finds that nothing has changed. That time of evening when a restaurant replaces the Dinner menu with the Late Night menu; Rolling quarters and dimes into the wee hours of the morning; Every twist from an M. Night. Lyrics to 'Night Changes' by One Direction: Going out tonight, changes into something red Her mother doesn't like that kinda dress Everything she never had, she's showing off Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair It's about a girl who is planning to/has lost her virginity to her boyfriend. Night Changes is about a girl who's life has been hard. Night Changes lyrics performed by One Direction: Going out tonight, Changes into something red Her mother doesn't like that kind of … This verse could certainly mean that the girl is planning on losing her virginity as a way to escape the pain. The title of this song was inspired by a situation when Jamie Scott, one of the co-writers, found out that some songs he had left in the studio had been much altered during a night session by his other two colleges, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan. After a certain period the young woman started feeling the need for a more stable and realistic relationship despite promising to see this love-affair through, even if that meant sacrificing her romantic longings and urges and the hope of living a normal life together. [5] This was the last video of One Direction with the member Zayn as he departed from the band on 25 March 2015. She doesn’t want to forget the fun she had, but to forget her rough life. I’m only getting older baby And I’ve been thinking about you lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes But he reasoned that she had done everything out of her foolishness and that she would understand soon that it is never wise to rush into things just to prove that one has really moved on. But she doesn’t know it yet because all she cares about is having NO regrets, so she thinks sex with help her achieve that. "She's heading for something that she won't forget, having no regrets is all that she really wants" It means, she's about to be in a horrible accident, maybe even a deathly one, and afterwards, she's going to regret going out that night, because of how much fun she was having, but quickly turned into something "red" or horrible. Moon is breaking through her hair Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page. This only furthers my theory. Girl is going out to a party, bar, etc. This song is very beautiful and could be interpreted in many different ways. He clings on to the hope that she will return to being the same innocent person he had fallen for. Moon is lighting up her skin It was also the group's last single to feature Zayn Malik, as he announced his departure from the group in March 2015. Saying that life isn’t long enough to worry about your pain and regrets, but instead move on. Aligning with my theory, the singer is saying that we don’t have time to focus and worry about the pain and regrets we have. - E! Liam and his date go on a ride in the carnival, but Liam becomes nauseated and throws up in his date's hat. However, 2 minutes and 28 seconds into the song, the key changes to B-flat major. Her mother doesn't approve and feels she'll get hurt again. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); "Going out tonight I think that is about when she realized how her life was/is hard, and she sees that her daughter can overcome it, so she can too. Or, alternatively, 'night changes' could possibly mean how a cheery and fun time can turn into something devasting and sad. Doubts are running around her head Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair. Song meanings ©2003-2021 She's going to meet her true love after much time passes. to try to escape the pain and is VERY dedicated to making sure she has NO regrets. The daughter decides to drive to a place (probably a party or bar, etc) to try to escape her tragedy and have fun. Shyamalan movie The song was released on 14 November 2014 as the second and final single from their fourth studio album Four. No matter what happens nothing will ever change between the two of them. She’s falling, doesn’t even know it yet Changing into something red Its all about 1D and their fans.How fast they are growing into adults and we with them all the way,but no matter what,the relationship between us would always be! She's falling, doesn't even know it yet Night or nighttime (also spelled night-time or night time) is the period of ambient darkness from sunset to sunrise during each 24-hour day, when the Sun is below the horizon.The exact time when night begins and ends (equally true with evening) depends on the location and varies throughout the year. ‘Everything you’ve ever dreamed of Even though they know so much will change after, they don't think it will change their relationship. ---he's saying that while she's sleeping she has dreams that she really likes and feels and seems very real, but when she wakes up its only a dream, this could also be saying that past relationships seemed so real but then reality kicks in and she gets hurt. They fell in love but had obvious limitations and she had little chance of ever getting married and settling down with the man who despite his emotional indiscretion, continued to care for his wife and kids. ---he's telling her as he's proposing to her, that they aren't getting younger they are only getting older together and he wants to start a life with her now, he asks her if she's going crazy with how fast the night changes into daylight meaning another day has gone by. She is heading for something she'll never forget with him, he plans on proposing to her which will make it something she'll never forget. He's waiting, hides behind a cigarette, heart is beating loud, she doesn't want it to stop). That is just my interpretation! ----she's feeling the freedom with her boyfriend, he's driving too fast, living it up. Night Changes is about a girl who's life has been hard. Her mother doesn’t like that kind of dress. I theorize that the singer can sense the girl’s pain, and knows that people do stupid things because of pain. As she goes on in life, the woman makes mistakes and her dream of a perfect, beautiful world "disappears when she wakes up". Even though they have doubts, they think they are adult enough to handle it. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Night Changes is about doing things while you're still young because, when you grow up, you may not have a chance to do them. She found someone and within a few days of meeting, she had sex with this virtual stranger. It could be referring to core events in a person's life. The girl decides to find happiness in herself. Liam Payne's real-life girlfriend Sophia Smith was involved in the shoot, but did not appear on-screen. Night Changes MP3 Song by One Direction from the album FOUR (Deluxe). But the singer is telling her, that there is nothing to be scared of, that even if she has a tough life, even if she has regrets, she can still be happy. The song was released on 14 November 2014 as the second and final single from their fourth studio album Four. If you have ever heard of the "Red Dress effect", it means that women look more attractive in red than in other colors. Girl decides to go out again, it reminds her mother of the mistake she made, and the innocence (virginity she lost). ‘But there’s nothing to be afraid of’ Sergio Calderon posted a cover of the song on August 12, 2015 over his YouTube channel, "sergiocalderon1006". Her mother doesn't like that kind of dress Reminds her of the missing piece of innocence she lost" Girl decides to stop chasing happiness, and instead create it. This is about a young woman who had a relationship with a mature married man with two kids. Basically, whatever happens in life, there will always be the people who care for you. I honestly THINK 'Night Changes', is about growing up and becoming more mature and realizing what it is to grow up. But now she finally has the chance to show off the things she has never had before. It was written by the band alongside Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan, while the production was handled by Bunetta and Ryan. 16 Times One Direction's "Night Changes" Video Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You. Zayn's final verse changes its last line to "reminds her of the missing piece of innocence she lost" which the "her" could be the mom or the daughter. She feels alive right now with him and she doesn't want the feeling to stop. The next time they go out, the girl wears the dress again, and the mom is faced with dealing with the reality of her daughter not being a child anymore. Night Changes Songtext von One Direction mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Scott, was unhappy with the changes that were made, but his unhappiness at what had happened inspired the "Night Changes" title. The song is instigated by Jack, who wants to wish the couples the best in their futures together. It was written by the band alongside Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan, while the production was handled by Bunetta and Ryan. Changes into something red But the girl wanted a way out. Also, as you go through life, you'll craft new relationships and have ups and downs in life that you can always count on the other person to be by your side. It is the last official single featuring Zayn Malik. But there's nothing to be afraid of And I’ve been thinking about you lately ‘And I’ve been thinking about it lately He’s telling her to not waste her life on her tragic past. I think there is a lot that could be perceived about this song, but here is just one person's opinion: "Moving too fast 3. The line "everything she never had, she's showing off" to me means that she doesn't have much, but she's pretending like she does. The girl and the boy both want it to happen, but are nervous for their first time. She said it was something she won’t forget "We're only getting older, baby Her mother doesn’t like that kind of dress Night Changes is the seventh track from One Direction's fourth studio album, Four. He’s saying it in a warning tone, telling her to be careful, because her life could change in an instant. The track illustrates the maturity and growth in the "Night Changes" is a song by English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction. It’s been one month and seventeen days since what I’m now referring to (in my internal monologues) as the two-line incident. She doesn't want to regret saying no and loose everything because she let her doubts take over" Even with the littlest things. She’s traveling to a place that she believes will relieve her of her struggles; to a place where she believes she won’t have any regrets. Then they talk about how fast the night changes, meaning she is realizing that she … I don’t think he is just talking about a relationship, but life in general. It was released on November 14, 2014, and the seventh track from their fourth studio album, Four. song: "Night Changes", And her mother doesn’t like that red dress because now it signifies the innocence, or virginity she lost in a desperate attempt at happiness. and 'just how the fast the night changes' isnt legitally one night like over time how things change dramatically. In Louis' verse the girl is having doubts about what is happening in her life right now, but the boy is still there waiting for her, and he is smoking (symbolizes growing up). It was also the group's last single to feature Zayn Malik, as he announced his departure from the group in March 2015. her mom doesn't like the dress because it reminds her of how she lost the innocent little girl she use to have, because her daughter is now a grown woman and her moms giving her up to someone else when she has the wedding. Singer (who I believe is a person at the party or bar) tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of having regrets; to move on, even with her regrets. One Direction always insist that they're just like brothers, but a major fight inspired their new song "Night Changes"!However, according to Jamie Scott, it wasn't the guys who were doing the fighting — it was their longtime songwriters. Everything she’s ever dreamed of was to have no regrets, but that hope disappeared when she woke up. He’s talking about how the daughter can have fun during the night, but once the sun comes up, your whole life could change.